Map of Mr. Hunter's Adventures

Check out this Flickr map of Mr. Hunter's adventures, as well as the travels of Flat Friends of Mr. Hunter.

I'm excited to present the Google map of Mr. Hunter's travels.
And yes, these maps also feature the travels of flat friends of Mr. Hunter.

View The Mr. Hunter Wall in a larger map

View The Mr. Hunter Wall in a larger map

The maps follow the postings of The Mr. Hunter Wall blog, so if it hasn't been posted on the blog yet, it's not on the maps... yet.

A quick key to the current symbols:
  • Blue markers indicate stops on the original Mr. Hunter's journeys.
  • Red markers show where the original Flat Mr. Hunter -- Mr. Hunter, Jr - traveled with Allyson.
  • The red pushpin shows where Flat Mr. Hunter traveled with Steve.
  • The green tree shows where a Flat Mr. Hunter journeyed with Gaylon.
  • The yellow pushpin marks places that Ghetto Mr. Hunter visited with Teresa. 
  • The pink pushpin shows where Lynlea traveled with Flat Mr. Hunter.
  • The yellow sun tells you where Flat Mr. Hunter has had adventures with Mike.
  • The yellow suitcase traces the journeys of Suzi and Flat Mr. Hunter.
  • The yellow drama masks tell about the places Montel took Flat Mr. Hunter to visit.
  • The purple marker shows where Eugenia took Mr. Flat.
Flat Mr. Hunters have had adventures with more people than those mentioned on the above list, so as the blog gets updated to tell about those journeys, you'll be seeing a wider array of mappy symbols.  (And let me know if YOU would like to bring a Flat Mr. H on one of your vacations. )