Friday, February 11, 2011

The Wood Carver

I love this.  I love this a lot.  

After visiting the Pantheon, we wandered down a pedestrian street
 and came across a life-size wooden Pinocchio figure sitting on a bench.
This Pinocchio is a mascot for a little toy shop called Bartolucci.  Beside the bench was an open store front where a wood carver was busy making another Pinocchio.

 All those woodworking tools.  Mr. Hunter.  
How could I not ask Mr. Woodworker to pose with my wooden friend?

It was my first day in Rome, so I was jetlagged.  I couldn't remember the Italian words to ask the wood carver to pose for a photo, so I shyly offered Mr. Hunter to him and held up my camera. 
 I remember the man as being serious, nonplussed.  But when I look at the photo now, he seems to have this gleam in his eye.   Bemused slightly, but friendly.
An entry for the Mr. Hunter Hall of Fame.

Via dei Pastini
Rome, Italy
June 2008

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