Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Special Moment with Erik and Krumbs

Krumbs and Erik showed up at work one day wearing unintentionally coordinated brown t-shirts.  These guys are so in tune!

Mr. Hunter thought this moment deserved to be recorded for posterity.
And he gave Erik a kiss for good measure.

April 2007

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where in the world is Mr. Hunter? - the answer

Where was Mr. Hunter when he met this beer-bellied statue?
At a beer garden, of course!

On vacation back in 2007, Mr. Hunter and Co. hung out at the Seehaus Beer Garden, located on the shores of Kleinhesseloher See (Lake) in Munich's Englischer Garten.


Beer garden necessity: big pretzel.

Lakeside dining means that swans and other waterfowl swim over
and ask you for some food.


We had taken a walk beforehand.
Here's Seehaus seen from across the lake.
My brother took this photo of the Seehaus's naked guardian.

(A number of these photos were taken by my brother, actually.  
A fine photographer!)

Englischer Garten (English Gardens)
Munich, Germany
June 2007

Where in the world is Mr. Hunter?

Mr. Hunter was on vacation one summer when he ran into this jolly and somehow... notable... statue.  Mr. H's companions had been exploring a fairly famous park and had stopped to find something to eat. 

Any ideas about where Mr. Hunter made this fellow's acquaintance?
(Hint: you might say this statue has a bit of a beer belly.)

See the answer here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Concerts: Prince

His Royal Flatness went with us to see His Royal Highness.

The Purple One introduced himself by saying,
"My name is Prince.  Everything you heard is true."
Our response: "!!!!!!!!!!"

Flat Mr. Hunter loves "Purple Rain"

We ended up with surprisingly good seats -- that's one of the "VIP" sections just in front of the stage, and the standing section over to the left.  They weren't ideal seats, since Prince spent a fair amount of time in the middle of his symbol-shaped stage, facing the other end of the arena.  

But we were sitting right next to the entrance the band used.  The lights turned off (and teasingly flickered back on a couple of times), and then the band was right there!  We headed to the railing in hopes of seeing You Know Who up close and in the flesh, but for his entrance Prince was rolled to the stage, hidden inside a wardrobe box.  Luckily, he did walk back with his band after the show, so we got a good glimpse of him then, petite and bewitching and extraordinary.  

They had some beautiful lighting effects for "Purple Rain."

"When Doves Cry"

An image of Mr. Hunter; an image of Prince.

Flat Mr. Hunter was so entranced with the show
that he forgot about posing for the camera.

May 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Concerts: Grinderman

We saw Grinderman on their first North American tour.  Naturally we got there early so we could be at the front of the line and stand right in front of the stage.  The show was--of course!--raucous and astonishing and frenzied and everything else you'd expect from Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and Co.  

And at some point it occurred to me that I had a Flat Mr. Hunter with me.  
Looks like he enjoyed the show.

Flat Mr. Hunter likes his view.

The stylish, piratical Warren Ellis.

Nick Cave's boots.
Smoking, considering which song to play next.

Warren Ellis holding his violin like a guitar.
He also had a tiny, violin-sized electric guitar.

Nick Cave, with Frank's arms in foreground.

Nick Cave's hand.

Flat Mr. Hunter is positively beaming!

July 2007

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Concerts: The Wall

Flat Mr. Hunter saw Roger Waters on his The Wall Live concert tour.  

Throughout the show, the wall onstage gets built up, brick by brick, 
until finally Roger Waters and the band are playing behind--and totally hidden by--the wall.

Our seats turned out to be just below where this Stuka Dive Bomber airplane prop was hanging.  Early on in the show (at the end of "In the Flesh?"), the plane gets released and soars across the arena on a wire until it crashes into a corner of the wall.

Blurry shot of kids onstage singing Another Brick in the Wall, Part II.
The wall is still being built at this point.

During "In the Flesh".  The Pig has taken flight.
Notice how the wall is also used as a video screen.

The wall has come down.

One of the most striking things about this concert was how Roger Waters exuded such enthusiasm and joy, especially at the end of the the show.  And there were moments when the visuals meshed with the music so completely that it was almost synesthetic.  

Such a moving show.  What a gift to see and hear "The Wall" played live... 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Hail Mr. Hunter!

Terry and Ana feel the power on Mr. Hunter's first visit to Eugene, Oregon.

Can't help but smile when I look at this photo.  

Eugene, Oregon
August 1992

Monday, May 16, 2011

To Be Held By a Statue: A Great Emporium

Teresa and Ghetto Mr. Hunter hang out with bronze figures in the outdoor sculpture, A Great Emporium, designed by Malcolm Kow and located along the Singapore River, close to the Asian Civilisations Museum.  

You can also see the sculpture, From Chettiars to Financiers, in the background.  These outdoor installations are part of the People of the River series.

Singapore River
August 2008

The Main Merlion

Ghetto Mr. Hunter had already posed with the mini-Merlion at Mount Faber Park, but of course he couldn't leave Singapore without visiting the real deal at Merlion Park.

That's the Esplanade lit up in the background.

Marina Bay
August 2008

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dessert at Brewerkz

Ghetto Mr. Hunter tasted some good food when he toured Singapore.  
Here he samples some carrot cake at Brewerkz.

August 2008

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ghetto Mr. Hunter samples another famous Singapore delicacy: the stinky durian fruit.

Mark Twain wrote about durian in Following the Equator:  
"There was a great abundance and variety of tropical fruits, but the dorian was never in evidence.  It was never the season for the dorian.  It was always going to arrive from Burma sometime or other, but it never did.  By all accounts it was a most strange fruit, and incomparably delicious to the taste, but not to the smell.  Its rind was said to exude a stench of so atrocious a nature that when a dorian was in the room even the presence of a polecat was a refreshment.  We found many who had eaten the dorian, and they all spoke of it with a sort of rapture.  They said that if you could hold your nose until the fruit was in your mouth a sacred joy would suffuse you from head to foot that would make you oblivious to the smell of the rind, but that if your grip slipped and you caught the smell of the rind before the fruit was in your mouth, you would faint.  There is a fortune in that rind.  Some day somebody will import it into Europe and sell it for cheese."

August 2008

Jumbo Seafood

More moments from Ghetto Mr. Hunter's meal at Jumbo Seafood.


Jumbo Seafood
August 2008

Geoduck Clams

Don't be too shocked.
Ghetto Mr. Hunter is just posing with some geoduck clams (prounounced "gooeyduck") while he visits the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at The Riverwalk.

If Mr. Hunter could raise his eyebrows, he would.

Jumbo Seafood
August 2008

Monday, May 9, 2011