Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dwarfed (but not slimed) by a gigantic pooch

On Main Street in Park City, Utah, there's a store called Love Your Pet
They sell special pet food, pet accessories, and even paintings and sculptures of dogs.
But the store is also home to several giant Newfoundland dogs.
Here's one sniffing Mr. Hunter now...

At one point some teenage boys came into the store.  Teenager-like, they were interested in the Newfies but also trying to play it cool, more unimpressed than engaged.  That is, until one of the dogs decided to shake itself and sent drool spraying all over the guys.  A total "I've been slimed" moment!  Then the boys laughed hysterically and at the same time let out a collective, "Ewwww!!"
Here they are reacting to the slime attack.  The dog who perpetrated the slime is just standing there looking ever so innocent.

And here's another photo of the Newfies, just to give you a sense of just how enormous they were.

Park City, Utah
May 2009

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