Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shelburne Falls

Mr. Hunter has been concerned to read news of the floods caused by Hurricane Irene, including floods that affected a favorite spot of his: Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, home of the Bridge of Flowers and the glacial potholes.

Mr. Hunter admires the glacial potholes
in quieter times on the Deerfield River.

Video of the flooding where the glacial potholes are usually visible:

What the glacial potholes usually look like.

This next video shows the Ann Brauer quilt studio being swept down the Deerfield River.  Sheesh.

What the Bridge of Flowers looked like in 2005.

Another view of the Bridge of Flowers, from September 2008.

And this is what you could see of the Bridge of Flowers after Hurricane Irene came through:

Mr. Hunter loves the Bridge of Flowers.

New England--and other places affected by Hurricane Irene--
we are thinking of you!

Bridge of Flowers and the Glacial Potholes
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
September 2008

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