Monday, November 14, 2011

Hall of Fame: A Deer Makes a Snack Out of Ghetto Mr. Hunter

One of my all-time favorite Mr. Hunter-themed photo sets!  
It's Ghetto Mr. Hunter meeting some sika deer at Nara Park in Kyoto.
He was there with Teresa and Karen.

Nara Park sign.
What are the deer saying?

Love this shot of a lady who's selling snacks for the deer.

Karen and the deer.

Teresa and a new friend.

Here's some video of the scene at Nara Park that day.

Teresa and Karen, thank you so much for bringing Ghetto Mr. Hunter to Nara Park.  The real Mr. Hunter wants to go meet these critters himself.  Who wouldn't?

Nara Park
Nara, Japan
September 2008

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