Friday, January 13, 2012

Where in the world is Mr. Hunter? The answer (Haunted edition)

Where was Mr. Hunter when he nestled in the crook of this lantern's arm?
He was visiting a friend at Southern Vermont College
 in Bennington, Vermont.

This particular architectural detail can be found and admired at Everett Mansion, a lovely old building that houses many of the college's classrooms, as well as a cafe and the library.

The Cascade at Everett Mansion

Hmm, a little bit of searching online reveals that the Everett Mansion and Southern Vermont College are rumored to be haunted by at least three ghosts, according to this blog post: the ghosts of Edward and Grace Everett, and a notable figure called "the Black-Hooded Monk."  Mr. Hunter didn't notice any of these spirits while he walked the college grounds.  Or, if he did, he hasn't told me about it yet!  

But I guess if ghosts are looking for a place to haunt, then a mansion where lanterns are held aloft by arms that stick out of stone walls is a perfect location.

Everett Mansion
Southern Vermont College
Bennington, Vermont
October 2011

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