Wednesday, March 28, 2012

U.S. Figure Skaters, Past and Present

Mr. Hunter lurked near the autograph lines 
in hopes of "posing" with U.S. figure skaters past and present.  

Hello, Kristi Yamaguchi!

Kristi Yamaguchi, circa 1992

Mr. Hunter was in the building at a ladies' figure skating practice session during the 1992 World Figure Skating Championships.  There's our Kristi Yamaguchi again.  She had just won the Olympic gold medal in Albertville, France and was on her way to winning her second consecutive world championship.

And here's Mr. Hunter "posing" 2012 U.S. silver medalist Adam Rippon.
A lovely skater.  Hope he does well at the World Championships this year!

San Jose, California
January 2012

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