Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visit While You Can: Jack London State Historic Park

In just a few months, many California state parks will be closed due to budget cuts.  Mr. Hunter has especially fond memories of one of the parks on the closure list: Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen.  It's a great place to go for a hike when you're in Sonoma County.  

The park is home to a number of historic spots, including Jack London's grave and the ruins of Wolf House, the dream home of Jack and Charmian London, which burned down in 1913 before the couple could even move into the house.

Mr. Hunter and the ruins of Wolf House.

The story of how Jack London came to be buried here.

The stone over Jack London's grave.

We spotted a pileated woodpecker
as we hiked down toward Wolf House.

Wolf House doorways, windows, and steps.

Ferns growing in the stone walls.

Plans for the residence of Jack London.

Photographer Eliya Selhub has been visiting many of the parks on the closure list.  Here's her photo essay on Jack London State Historic Park.

Mr. Hunter and what appears to have been the basement.

Wildflowers and ruins.

Visit while you can!  Or... even better... contribute to the effort to keep this interesting and lovely park open.

Wolf House
Jack London State Historic Park
Glen Ellen, California
(Sonoma County)
April 2006

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