Wednesday, March 30, 2011

People I Have Asked: Rome, Italy

I'm pretty shy, but traveling with Mr. Hunter sometimes inspires me to break out of my shell and ask people to pose with him.  Most often I'll ask people who've become part of the journey somehow -- they work at a pleasing restaurant or at our hotel, we've had an interesting conversation, or maybe they've become temporary traveling companions on a bus or a train.  

Here are the people I asked to pose with Mr. Hunter in Rome.

The helpful Valentina, who worked at Hotel Latinum.

Ann, the pastry chef from California.
Ann hopped on to our transfer from Fiumicino Airport to the hotel, only she was headed to a different hotel in a different area of Rome, and this set into motion an extra long journey.  The driver tried to find Ann's hotel first, only he couldn't find it, so he kept circling Rome.  He also kept assuring us that he knew where he was going.  We passed some of the big landmarks repeatedly; we'd think, "Maybe this time..." but then yet againthe Vittorio Emmanuele II monument or the Colosseum would appear, and our hopes would be dashed.  At one point, the driver attempted to turn down this narrow cobblestone street, but a tough fellow stood in the way and would not let the van through; it was a pedestrian-only street!  (See photo below.)  Finally our driver circled back and dropped Ann-the-pastry-chef off a couple of blocks from her hotel, and then he was free to deliver us to the Latinum.  Phew!

The man who would not let us pass.

Mr. Hunter and the wood carver.
And, of course, there was the wood carver at Bartolucci.  I was super-shy to ask him, but I could not let the opportunity pass.

There was one person in Rome whom I regret not asking to pose with Mr. Hunter: the Middle Eastern mother of two who helped us get back on our way when we'd gone too far on bus line 105.  

Rome, Italy
June 2008

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