Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here Comes the Rain

You know how it is in Florida or the Bahamas in the summer: afternoon thunderstorms likely.  Our afternoon at Atlantis's water park was cut short one day by just such a storm.
We'd been throwing a little football in one of the Atlantis pools when we first heard the thunder.  So we kept checking... were the lifeguards about to close the pools?  How long was it between lightning flash and thunderclap?  

For awhile it seemed that the storm wouldn't be coming close, but then we decided to head back to our pool chairs.  And then, very quickly, the wind arrived.  The whoosh and whisper of palm trees, and we knew that rain would soon follow.  So we packed up and joined what quickly became a mass exodus from the Aquaventure water park to the hotels.

Back in the room, Mr. Hunter peeked out to watch the rain, and he noticed a soggy pigeon who had taken refuge on our balcony.

Our soggy pigeon visitor.

No rain poncho handy for this guest.

Video of the afternoon thunderstorm and the pigeon who waited the rain out on our balcony:

Atlantis Resort
Paradise Island, The Bahamas
July 2012

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