Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey, Conch!

Remember that conch fritter Mr. Hunter sampled earlier in his Bahamas trip?
Here's a look at the conch meat and the conch shell, courtesy of Bimini Road's seafood display.

Conch is a big theme not just on menus but also in some of the tourist patter you encounter.  Later on the trip, we took a ferry to Nassau, and in both directions we were treated to slightly different versions of the same "conch as aphrodisiac" jokes...
Men should eat two bowls of conch salad a day.
It's like Viagra.
It'll put some slide in your glide.
Some pep in your step.

Charlie the Cool Cat, the narrator on our first ferry.
He may be pointing out the Sivananda yoga retreat
and telling jokes about all the rules there: "No tobacco,
no meat, no doobies, no drinking... and no hanky panky."
"That's why there's no one there."

The yoga retreat in question.

Bimini Road Restaurant
Atlantis Resort
Paradise Island, The Bahamas
July 2012

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