Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Standing on the shoulders of eagles

Mr. Hunter and Co. had reservations to visit the Borghese Gallery.
While we waited for our turn to go in, Mr. Hunter tucked himself in next to this carved bird.

 I seem to recall that there was some frustration because you're expected to check almost everything -- purses, even -- before you enter the museum.  But anyway, you can see some lovely Bernini sculptures like this one of Apollo and Daphne.  Also some works by Canova and Raphael.

But the only Borghese-area carving that Mr. Hunter could pose with was outside.  Here they are again, apparently deep in conversation.

(This Borghese bird always reminds me a bit of those birds that used to be in Disneyland's America Sings and that have now moved to Splash Mountain.)

Galleria Borghese
Rome, Italy
June 2008

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