Friday, February 25, 2011

Where in the world is Mr. Hunter? The answer

Which island and state park was Mr. Hunter visiting when he encountered biting gnats?

It's located in the Great Salt Lake, just north of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We spotted a few of the island's namesake pronghorn antelope.
But what we saw a lot more of were the American bison.

Neither Mr. Hunter nor any of his bite-able human companions had any desire to even try to photograph those nasty gnats.  Just be warned that if you ever head over to Antelope Island State Park, you should avoid wearing anything that might have even the tiniest bit of fragrance; hair product in particular sent the gnats into a frenzy, as one frustrated member of Mr. Hunter's party was sad to discover.
Mr. Hunter was glad then that he has no need for hair product.

Great Salt Lake in Utah
May 2005

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