Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Sky at Lake Limpiopungo

As we made our way up towards our Cotopaxi climb, we'd stop occasionally to spend a little time getting our bodies acclimated to the progressively higher altitude.  At Lake Limiopungo, our guide let us out to take a walk, and to enjoy the scenery.  The most amazing thing about this place: the big sky.

A shot of my brother and the big sky, for a little perspective.

On one side loomed the Cotopaxi Volcano; on the other, Ruminahui Volcano.

Hints of Cotopaxi

About Volcan Ruminahui

The cloud in the middle
was shaped like a little ghost.

A lovely place.

Lake Limpiopungo
Cotopaxi National Park
June 2011

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