Thursday, July 14, 2011

Overlooking Quito

On our second day in Ecuador, our guide took us down to Cotopaxi National Park.  As we drove out of Quito, we pulled over at a kind of rest stop that had a panoramic view of the city.

Quito's Old Town is off to the right

The rest stop itself had piles of garbage here and there, and as we made our way across the grass, we had to look out for dog droppings.  There are so many street dogs in Quito, as well as lots of quite skinny dogs who seem to belong to particular homes.  Here's information from Humane Society International about the work they do to help street dogs in Latin America.

These two dogs came out to see us from a nearby home.

We could see puppies and chickens
on top of a building just below.

As we got ready to leave, a different dog emerged from the nearby building.

Quito, Ecuador
June 2011

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