Wednesday, July 13, 2011

People I Have Asked: Patricio

 Patricio was the proprietor of Hostal Restaurante Mirador Rio Blancos.

Some of the delicious food we enjoyed at Mirador Rio Blanco...

Two kinds of deliciousness:
the yellow juice is arrasha
(my sister-in-law said it tasted like star fruit);
the dish in front holds aji.
We were served various kinds of aji throughout our trip.

Yuca frita - like french fries,
only yuca (yucca) instead of potatoes

A pork dish that featured pineapple and coconut.
The flavors reminded me a bit of Thai food.

Cinnamon pork.  

A hint of the river valley view outside.

The front of the restaurant

The front of Mirador Rio Blanco.
You'll notice that the outside of each hotel building
has a type of local bird painted on it.

Hostal and Restaurante Mirador Rio Blanco
Los Bancos, Pichincha, Ecuador
June 2011

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