Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Brief Reunion with Space Shuttle Endeavour

You can bet Mr. Hunter made sure to be there when Space Shuttle Endeavour flew overhead on its farewell flyover tour of California.  

Mr. Hunter and some of the many people who waited at Moffett.
That's the skeleton of Hangar One in the background.

Our first glimpses as Endeavour arrived.

Endeavour and its 747 (SCA905NA) flew about 800 feet above us at Moffett Field. 

As we recounted in this June 2011 post, Mr. Hunter and his keeper had the thrill of seeing Space Shuttle Endeavour launch on June 5, 2002.

Space Shuttle Endeavour launches on STS-111.

Two delighted shuttle launch spectators.
That's smoke from the STS-111 launch in the background.

A few years later, Mr. Hunter got to tour
one of NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.
Here's a Wikipedia article about these special 747s.

A bittersweet sight.  
Endeavour flies away to finish its farewell tour. 

Moffett Field
Mountain View, California
September 2012

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