Monday, September 17, 2012

Mr. Hunter Recommends: Pittsfield Rye and Specialty Breads

A few years ago, Mr. Hunter's companions were shopping at a small farmer's market in the Berkshires when they happened upon a truly decadent loaf of bread made by a local bakery, Pittsfield Rye.  The bread was called Death by Chocolate, and every person we've shared this bread with has reacted with something akin to a swoon.

Death by Chocolate is not like a cake or a quick bread; it's a loaf of bread that's made with cocoa, with chunks of semisweet chocolate to be found in each slice.  

Mr. Hunter cozies up to the chocolate bread.

Mr. Hunter also recommends the Cinnamon Burst bread
and the Apple, Cinnamon, Raisin, and Pecan bread.

If you find yourself in the Berkshires on a Friday or Saturday morning, head on over to Pittsfield Rye to taste Death by Chocolate and their other scrumptious breads.  (We quite enjoyed their Farmer's Bread, as well.)

Pittsfield Rye and Specialty Breads
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
September 2012

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