Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Tradition: Turnip Carving

Mr. Hunter has been a guest at a number of turnip carving parties over the years.  Originally, jack o'lanterns (in Ireland and Scotland) were carved out of turnips rather than pumpkins, and one of Mr. Hunter's coworkers decided that our department needed to revive the turnip tradition for our Halloween celebrations.

I never managed to carve a turnip into a replica of Mr. Hunter, but Mr. Hunter always made an appearance at these events.  After all, he enjoys the company of other carved items.

Michelle won a prize for her turnip, whose face was inspired
by the judge for the trial for which she had recently served as a juror.

Here comes the judge again, this time sans wig and with a candlelight glow.

Karen's prize-winning turnip featured a dragon design.

Karen had also carved some lotus petals
 onto the bottom of her dragon turnip.

One of the friendliest turnips we've ever met.

Happy Halloween!

October 2005

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