Monday, October 15, 2012

Snacking His Way Through the Vermont Country Store

You can't find everything at the Vermont Country Store, but when you're browsing the shelves, you're likely to find enough surprises and products that are old friends that you want to keep looking, just in case.

You might recognize a familiar face on the shelves
with the jellies and preserves.
That's a canister of Vermont Common Crackers for some jelly tasting.

Mr. Hunter was hoping to find some squashed-fly biscuits--
indeed, he did find them further on in the store--but first he posed
with these similar-looking fruit biscuits.

Raspberry Wasabi Dipping Mustard
from Robert Rothschild Farm.

I took this photo in honor of Krumbs.

Ovaltine and Postum.

Mr. Hunter's uncle is a big fan of Otter Creek's seasonal Oktoberfest beer.
But if you're tempted to buy it, remember that you can drive to the grocery store down the road
 in Londonderry, where they might have Otter Creek beers for better prices.
Mr. Hunter found some of those Garibaldi "squashed fly" biscuits.  Yum!
And yes, he bought some of these.  

Vermont Country Store
Weston, Vermont
September 2012

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