Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mr. Hunter, The Candy Man

The Vermont Country Store boasts a selection of what they call Nostalgic Candy.
Mr. Hunter found plenty of scrumptious-looking posing opportunities.

Candy Buttons remind Mr. Hunter of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours.

Candies familiar and unfamiliar to Mr. H, including
Smarties, Joys (?), Look!, Nut Goodie, Spree, Bottlecaps, and SkyBar.

Mr. Hunter had to pose with the Necco wafers!
Also on these shelves: Bosco milk chocolate bars,
Halvah, Chiclets Gum, and 3 Color Coconut bars.

Hard candy.

In the licorice section, we noticed some cute licorice Scotties.

On one side of the candy room,
there was a big counter devoted to chocolate.
You had your selection of truffles, sure.
But also chocolate covered potato chips!

Doesn't Mr. Hunter look happy here,
nestled among Slopokes, Black Cows, caramels, Squirrel Nut Zippers,
Watermelon Chews, and Lemon Heads?

Vermont Country Store
Weston, Vermont
September 2012

Visit the Vermont Country Store's Candy & Chocolate section online 
to see if they sell your favorite sweets.

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