Monday, May 23, 2011

Concerts: Grinderman

We saw Grinderman on their first North American tour.  Naturally we got there early so we could be at the front of the line and stand right in front of the stage.  The show was--of course!--raucous and astonishing and frenzied and everything else you'd expect from Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and Co.  

And at some point it occurred to me that I had a Flat Mr. Hunter with me.  
Looks like he enjoyed the show.

Flat Mr. Hunter likes his view.

The stylish, piratical Warren Ellis.

Nick Cave's boots.
Smoking, considering which song to play next.

Warren Ellis holding his violin like a guitar.
He also had a tiny, violin-sized electric guitar.

Nick Cave, with Frank's arms in foreground.

Nick Cave's hand.

Flat Mr. Hunter is positively beaming!

July 2007

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