Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Concerts: Prince

His Royal Flatness went with us to see His Royal Highness.

The Purple One introduced himself by saying,
"My name is Prince.  Everything you heard is true."
Our response: "!!!!!!!!!!"

Flat Mr. Hunter loves "Purple Rain"

We ended up with surprisingly good seats -- that's one of the "VIP" sections just in front of the stage, and the standing section over to the left.  They weren't ideal seats, since Prince spent a fair amount of time in the middle of his symbol-shaped stage, facing the other end of the arena.  

But we were sitting right next to the entrance the band used.  The lights turned off (and teasingly flickered back on a couple of times), and then the band was right there!  We headed to the railing in hopes of seeing You Know Who up close and in the flesh, but for his entrance Prince was rolled to the stage, hidden inside a wardrobe box.  Luckily, he did walk back with his band after the show, so we got a good glimpse of him then, petite and bewitching and extraordinary.  

They had some beautiful lighting effects for "Purple Rain."

"When Doves Cry"

An image of Mr. Hunter; an image of Prince.

Flat Mr. Hunter was so entranced with the show
that he forgot about posing for the camera.

May 2011

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