Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where in the world is Mr. Hunter? - the answer

Where was Mr. Hunter when he met this beer-bellied statue?
At a beer garden, of course!

On vacation back in 2007, Mr. Hunter and Co. hung out at the Seehaus Beer Garden, located on the shores of Kleinhesseloher See (Lake) in Munich's Englischer Garten.


Beer garden necessity: big pretzel.

Lakeside dining means that swans and other waterfowl swim over
and ask you for some food.


We had taken a walk beforehand.
Here's Seehaus seen from across the lake.
My brother took this photo of the Seehaus's naked guardian.

(A number of these photos were taken by my brother, actually.  
A fine photographer!)

Englischer Garten (English Gardens)
Munich, Germany
June 2007

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