Sunday, May 22, 2011

Concerts: The Wall

Flat Mr. Hunter saw Roger Waters on his The Wall Live concert tour.  

Throughout the show, the wall onstage gets built up, brick by brick, 
until finally Roger Waters and the band are playing behind--and totally hidden by--the wall.

Our seats turned out to be just below where this Stuka Dive Bomber airplane prop was hanging.  Early on in the show (at the end of "In the Flesh?"), the plane gets released and soars across the arena on a wire until it crashes into a corner of the wall.

Blurry shot of kids onstage singing Another Brick in the Wall, Part II.
The wall is still being built at this point.

During "In the Flesh".  The Pig has taken flight.
Notice how the wall is also used as a video screen.

The wall has come down.

One of the most striking things about this concert was how Roger Waters exuded such enthusiasm and joy, especially at the end of the the show.  And there were moments when the visuals meshed with the music so completely that it was almost synesthetic.  

Such a moving show.  What a gift to see and hear "The Wall" played live... 

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