Monday, June 4, 2012

The Buckingham Palace Tour

When I found out I was going to London on a business trip, I realized that I would be there while the Buckingham Palace State Rooms were open to the public.  And in 2011, the tour also included an exhibition of Kate Middleton's wedding dress.  It was an entirely touristy thing to do, but I have to say that I enjoyed the tour even more than I expected.   

Your ticket to Buckingham Palace includes...
The Royal Wedding Dress
Royal Faberge Special Exhibition
A walk along the south side of the Palace garden
An audio tour of the State Rooms and special exhibitions

As you might expect, we weren't allowed to take photographs inside the palace, but if you visit the British Monarchy's Flickr stream, you can see some images of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge looking at the wedding dress exhibit.  Here's one of the pictures posted there:

A photo of the dress from the British Monarchy's Flickr photostream.
Visitors could walk all around the platform to see the dress from all sides.
The wedding cake was also on display!  A couple layers of the cake were replicas,
but apparently the rest of it was the real thing.  (Really?!?!)
You could even see the slice that William and Kate had made when the cut the cake.

A royal lamppost.

Notable snake detail.

An inviting bench.

A satisfied Mr. Hunter poses before
the back of Buckingham Palace, seen from the gardens.
(He was still glowing from a friendly encounter with one of the Queen's Guards.)
The white tents on the left cover a little cafe.

A glimpse of the palace through the trees.
Something Pemberley-like in the sight.

We finished the tour by taking a walk through the idyllic gardens.

A lovely tree in the Buckingham Palace gardens.

Buckingham Palace
London, England
September 2011

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