Friday, June 8, 2012

Harrods Food Halls

Mr. Hunter browsed the busy Harrods Food Halls.  He had hoped to find them selling some guanabana (aka soursop), but that was one of the few fruits that he didn't spot on the shelves.

Glittery donuts.

The hats of the Harrods Food Halls.

Ham hock & pea pies, Buffalo Phil pies

Cured ox tongue with jelly

Strawberry & Champagne Truffles, Pink Champagne Truffles

Bitong from South Africa

Mr. Hunter and some custard apples from Lebanon.

Cobnuts from France.
"Some people like to eat them with a salt."

Dragon Fruit!

Mr. Hunter almost resembles a Flat Mr. Hunter in this picture.

A video snippet of the scene in the Harrods Food Halls:

Harrods Food Halls
London, England
September 2011

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