Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where in the world is Mr. Hunter? The answer (Bright and Groovy edition)

Where was Mr. Hunter when joined this cluster of colorful cat umbrellas?

Pylones is a fabulously fun and funky shop where you can find pleasing, playful, and colorful gifts and utensils.  

Charming ballerina pens.

Who wouldn't want a colorful squid whisk?

Mr. Hunter stopped to chill with some solar-powered flowers:

A friendly spray-bottle dog.

Would you like a colorful sausage dog pen?

Mr. Hunter meets some funky fold-away shopping bags.

Mr.  H joined a chorus line of doll umbrellas.

Cat-shaped brushes!

Dancing with some fashionable cheese graters.

London, England
September 2011

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