Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Macarons at Ladurée

Mr. Hunter visited Paris back in 2010, and he still regrets not visiting one of Paris's famed Ladurée shops to sample some of their macarons.  So he was pleased to find a Ladurée outpost attached to Harrods.  (There's another London Ladurée located at Covent Garden.)

Which flavors will we choose?

The front of Ladurée at Harrods.

Ladurée macaron flavors: pistachio, coconut, rose petal, lemon thyme,
chocolate, vanilla, soft caramel with pure sea salt, strawberry & mint,
pure origine chocolate from Madagascar, melon, blackcurrant violet,
orange blossom, green apple, coffee, raspberry, liquorice

Happy to survey the selection of sweets and gourmandises.

London, England
September 2011

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