Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the Workshop of Master Weaver Jose Cotacachi

Mr. Hunter saw a master weaver at work when we visited the workshop of Jose Cotacachi.  Jose C, as he signs his tapestries, is well known in the area.  Check out this Christian Science Monitor article on one traveler's search for the real Jose Cotacachi.

We saw Jose C working on his loom... and I wished that we could purchase the hummingbird-themed tapestry he was weaving.  

Rest assured that we did not leave the showroom empty-handed.  I bought a small tapestry whose colors reminded me a bit of Paul Klee's work.  My mom and my brother each bought tapestries featuring the blue-footed booby birds that we'd be seeing in the Galapagos.  My nephew chose a penguin tapestry (penguins are also found in the Galapagos, by the way.)  And even though we were in close quarters, my brother even managed to plot with my mom to buy a scarf as a surprise for my sister-in-law.  

A Jose Cotacachi tapestry showing Galapagos creatures. 

Jose Cotacachi at work at his more modern loom.

Another weaver demonstrates
the older style of loom.

A much-coveted tapestry featuring Blue Footed Boobies.

Some of the items used to create the dyes for the wool.

Jose C

Here's a video of Jose Cotacachi at work:

I was tempted to get a hummingbird tapestry,
but the one I really wanted
was the one Jose C was still working on!

Mr. Hunter and another Galapagos-themed tapestry.

Somehow this tapestry's image reminded me of Paul Klee's art.

The Jose Cotacachi sign.

Studio of Jose Cotacachi
Cotacachi, Ecuador
June 2011

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