Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mr. Hunter Recommends... Scoop Gelato

Mr. Hunter has a policy: When he finds good gelato, he eats it.  A lot of it.
When he finds a place that serves his favorite flavors of amarena and coconut... Well.  Let the gelato festival begin!

Across the street from Rock & Sole Plaice, we found a gelateria called Scoop, and it turned out that they served authentic Italian gelato.  We stepped in to get some samples, and there they were: the coconut gelato AND the amarena gelato.  

Did Mr. Hunter find his way to Scoop every night of the trip?  I believe that he did!  And if you happen to find yourself on Endell Street in London, you might also want to step into Scoop for some worthwhile deliciousness.  

There's the Amarena! 

For your reference, here is the list of Scoop's flavors. 
Which flavors will you choose?

Cioccolato Extra Fondente (sorbet), Cioccolato Fondente (gelato),
Cioccolato Bianco, Bacio, Nocciola, Pistacchio,
Caffe, Vaniglia, Cannella

Nocciola, Pistacchio, Caffe, Vaniglia, Cannella,
Menta, Fiordilatte, Stracciatella, Amarena, Caramello, Crema Tradizionale

Menta, Fiordilatte, Stracciatella, Amarena, Caramello,
Crema Tradizionale, Amaretto, Biscotto, Tiramisu',
Torroncino, Malaga, Yoghurt, Green Tea, Sorbetto di Fruta
London, England
September 2011

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