Monday, May 28, 2012

Pret A Manger

As soon as Mr. Hunter had checked into his hotel, he was ready to eat, and there was no better place to begin than the nearest location of London's ubiquitous Pret A Manger.

I had a hard time picking out the flavors for my first Pret sandwich of the trip.  My mom, on the other hand, went right for the Mature Cheddar and Pret Pickle sandwich (served on a baguette), and that particular mix proved to be a classic that she chose all the other times we hit a Pret for lunch.

For breakfast, we both tended toward Pret's "yoghurt pots," in particular the one that combined Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries, pistachios, and shredded apple.  

Here's a short video of the scene at Pret one morning:

I was in London on a business trip, so on several mornings I walked down to our "neighborhood" Pret for a quiet breakfast on my own, and then -- bliss! -- I'd take the super-short walk to work.  I loved walking to work in London.  I loved being one of the people who was walking to work in London.

On the day we had tickets for the Buckingham Palace tour, we visited the Royal Mews, too.  Once we'd finished with that tour, we had a bit of time before Buckingham Palace, so we asked one of the Mews employees if there were any Pret A Mangers close by.  (And really, isn't there usually a Pret A Manger close by wherever you go in Central London?)  The guy we talked to said, Yeah, there's one across the street.  Well, not exactly.  The place he was talking about had a name that also meant "ready to eat," only it was a Pret knock-off that called itself Pronto 'A' Mangia.

We headed a few streets over toward Victoria Station and found an actual Pret a Manger.  And yes, my mom had the Mature Cheddar and Pret Pickle sandwich that time, too.

London, England
September 2011

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