Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Travel Totem Who Was Inspired By Mr. Hunter!

Mr. Hunter and I were honored to learn recently that the original Mr. Hunter Wall outside my old office inspired one of my former coworkers to start his own travel totem project.  Meet BeeTuu.

I love how BeeTuu's beak presents interesting compositional opportunities.

Paris, France
June 2011

BeeTuu's caretaker, John, tells more about this traveling toucan's background: When I was new to Yahoo, I was wandering around and saw a cube wall decorated with photos of what I now know is Mr. Hunter.  I filed away the idea of getting my own talisman.  Much later I watched Inception. They called their talismans "totems."  I then filed that idea away.  My girlfriend and I went to Costa Rica and I saw BeeTuu on a table with other carved animals.  I knew he would be my totem. 

When I was in fourth grade, my class published a newsletter.  Of course we needed a mascot.  Our classroom was the second bungalow so our room number was "B2".  Of course our newsletter needed a tagline. "If the B2 Toucan can, so can you!" Naturally, my totem had to be called BeeTuu. 

BeeTuu has taken me to France and around California.  This summer, we're going back to Europe and I plan to take more photos. 

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