Sunday, May 13, 2012

Molino San Juan

After visiting the equator, we drove further on the Pan American Highway to Molino San Juan, where we'd be having lunch.  Molino San Juan is an old grain mill in Cayambe.  

Mr.  Hunter introduces himself to some clay figures on a shelf at Molino San Juan. 

Mr. Hunter liked the colors on this door.

Sign as we drove up to Molino San Juan.

Before lunch, we were treated to a demonstration on how to make bizcochos, a biscuity, buttery sort of cookie that is quite popular in Cayambe.  Here's one traveler's blog post about bizcochos.

The bizcochos are served!

Molino San Juan's bizcochos recipe

Cutting the bizcochos

We saw many signs
advertising bizcochos in Cayambe.
This was my favorite one.

Some more places to find bizcochos...

Cute dog at Molino San Juan

Rooster and hens at Molino San Juan

Cayambe, Ecuador
June 2011

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