Monday, May 28, 2012

People I Have Asked: The Dishoom Waiter

Dishoom turned out to be one of our neighborhood restaurants on this trip.  
We stumbled in early on our first evening, jet-lagged but determined to stay up long enough to get ourselves on London time.  
(Note: Mr. Hunter probably wasn't jet-lagged.)

Our super-friendly waiter gave us the lowdown on the ways of Dishoom, which bills itself as a Bombay Cafe.  Smaller portions, so it's fun (and yummy) to order a few different items and share them.  We had cafe crisps, garlic naan, raita, and a wrap called a Dishoom Frankie for our first dinner at Dishoom.  And the waiter was so helpful that Mr. Hunter had to ask him to pose for a photograph.

Garlic naan and raita

Another night: chicken berry biryani, garlic naan, raita, and a Dishoom Frankie

Can you tell that we were into the garlic naan?

London, England
September 2011

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